Improving Conferences

Or: The Struggle Between Good and Progress Recently I saw a tweet from Mr Bach: There is a much bigger problem than #paytospeak and that is that nearly all conference talks about software testing are terrible and conference organizers do nothing about it. — James Marcus Bach (@jamesmarcusbach) October 30, 2018 I’ve not been involved […]

A Partial Defence of "Apathy"

I have had one reply
that I know of to my Apathy post containing useful critique. You can find it here written by a name you may know, Matt Heusser! First I have to say that I’m grateful to have a considered response. Now I’ll expand a little on the points raised, and hopefully draw an interesting conclusion.

Improving Your Test Language – Automation

I thought, as I hadn’t updated my blog in months, that I’d post a little about the disjointed way some people in the industry talk and write about testing and how you might avoid doing the same – or if you want to continue doing the same understand the pitfalls of the language you’re using and what you might be communicating to other people. A fair warning: this won’t be news to many of you.